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How to Be a Realistic Dream Girlfriend/Wife

Do you want to impress your partner every day, month, year, or even endlessly to spark a new love and cherish that love as it grows without it becoming boring? By changing your attitude and grooming habits, you can do just that. Your love will always be better than new.


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    Do not try be the perfect girl. Know when to be patient and when to be wise, or when to be understanding. Do not push pressing matters aside in fear of ruining his mood, but do not bring problems up on a daily basis. Do not accuse your partner of something unless you have proof. Try to put yourself in their shoes and try to let them know you are there for them. Try not to be too insecure, but if that is who you are, let them know. People want a relationship with feeling, not just romance and sexual encounters. Insecurity is common in relationships, and if you feel insecure in your relationship, you should communicate your feelings. Try not to complain about every little thing, after awhile it becomes tedious.
    • If you remain insecure in a relationship even after you tell them, do not give up on your relationship. Thing can still get better if you continue to work on it.
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    Be their own temptation, but do not overdo it. Try to look beautiful physically, but keep in mind some people like women in other shapes and sizes. Embrace who you are and be confident in who you are, because you are beautiful in your own way. People generally like confident women, and this is sure to draw their attention. Physical attraction is an important part of any romantic relationship, so it would be beneficial to groom yourself and use a little bit of makeup (believe it or not, people don't particularly find a ton of makeup appealing) to brighten your face and eyes.
    • Maintain good hygiene.
    • Try working out to build your confidence.
    • Go to the salon and have your hair and nails done. Strengthening your confidence will strengthen your relationship.
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    Love them faithfully with patience and understanding. They will experience good and bad times in their life and it is important to be there for them when they need you.
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    Show small acts of love. Take care of them when they're sick, cuddle them while they sleep, kiss them on their forehead, or whisper to them "I love you" or "I will be always here for you".
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    Give them surprise gifts, especially at unexpected times. This shows them that you are thinking of them.
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    Keep your love life from being boring. People enjoy a little romantic time, so improving your sexual life with them will make both of you happier.
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    Do activities together. Travel together, do activities you both enjoy. Quality time together can make your relationship stronger.
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    Have realistic goals for them. They are only human, and if you give them something to work on they will likely try to make you happy.
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    If you are religious, you can use that to strengthen your bond. Do not force your beliefs on them, but be open about your views.
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    Support them with their hobbies even if you are not interested. Showing that you care about what they like can make them feel more comfortable around you.
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    Stay clean and neat, practice good hygiene. This will make you more confident in your body image, and it will make them see that you care about yourself. Have a good posture, this will make you look taller and more confident.
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    Maintain an equal relationship. You should put as much into the relationship as they do, and vice versa.
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    Listen to them. Focus on their problems and complaints and try to help them fix them. Take some time and do the same for yourself.
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    Do not take your attention away from your own life. Although they may be the center of your focus now, if things go badly between the two of you, you need to be able to stand on your own feet and continue on in life.
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    Realize that there will be some major differences in how you both view different topics. Try not to make an argument out of them and try to be understanding of their views. Let them know if you feel like they aren't doing the same.


  • Don't be too clingy. It creates a bad image not only for you but for him as well.
  • In most circumstances, do not change for him. Try to be yourself at all times, and if he wants you to try something new do not take it the wrong way. Sometimes change is a good thing.
  • If he hurts you in an unforgivable way, such as cheating or abuse, he probably does not give you the necessary respect for a healthy relationship.


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